Last NameEmailExpertise
Abelmann Korea, Asian American, class, family, migration, education, higher education
Alvarad Mixtec Indians, Transnational Communities
Anita Cloud Collaboration
Clark Kansas City, urban studies, visual ethnography, race, transportation
Finch Parkour, Europe, North America, the Body, Movement, Space-Place-Landscape, Time, Urbanization, Work and Leisure, Affect Theory, Assemblage Theory
Howell Cityward migration, education, employment, gender, Mexico, Latin America
Keles refugee studies, Bosnians in the U.S., immigrant integration, social memory
Leipnik “Post-Socialist” urban transformations
Lewinson African urbanism, professional class culture, Tanzania
Nonini ethnic and race relations, urban political economy, anthropology of the state, critical food studies, Chinese diaspora, Malaysia, United States
Peirano Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of Cinema, National Identity, Globalisation
Ran Rubin conflict cities, Palestine/Israel, spatial violence
Rodman Guatemala, gender and ethnic relations, immigrants and immigrant communities, transnational migration, ethnic identity, Eastern Guatemala, Ladino
Rodman Guatemala, transnational migration, gender and ethnic relations, serve as expert witness for asylum cases
Rotenberg Urban Planning, Urban Gardens, Design, Post-Secondary Education
Wali urban environment; Chicago; art and agency
Yu China, Japan, Vietnam, India, consumer culture, urbanization, technology