Fethi Keles is a Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Anthropology at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Supported by the Settling-into-Motion Program of the Zeit Foundation in Germany, Fethi’s dissertation explores the resettlement experiences of Bosnian refugees in the United States. His research interests include refugee studies, questions of cultural belonging and exclusion, forced migration and its consequences, and social memory studies. He is broadly interested in social theory, with a focus on the agency-structure nexus, theories of practice, and stages of immigrant incorporation. Fethi has published in a variety of outlets on refugee resettlement, place & integration, conflict in Former Yugoslavia, the relevance of critical anthropology to the study of global phenomena, and modernization theory. He’s the current SUNTA Student Councilor (2009-2011) and the Chair-elect of SUNTA’s Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (CORI).

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