#Last NameEmailWebsiteExpertisePhone
1 Abelmann http://www.nancyabelmann.com Korea, Asian American, class, family, migration, education, higher education 217-244-1867
2 Alvarad Mixtec Indians, Transnational Communities 6196774535
3 Anita http://www.gisch.com.au Cloud Collaboration +61294764158
4 Clark Kansas City, urban studies, visual ethnography, race, transportation 913-302-8205
5 Finch Parkour, Europe, North America, the Body, Movement, Space-Place-Landscape, Time, Urbanization, Work and Leisure, Affect Theory, Assemblage Theory
6 Howell Cityward migration, education, employment, gender, Mexico, Latin America 562 985-5192
7 Keles refugee studies, Bosnians in the U.S., immigrant integration, social memory
8 Leipnik “Post-Socialist” urban transformations 936 294-4087
9 Lewinson http://www.berry.edu/academics/science/FSDetail.aspx?id=817 African urbanism, professional class culture, Tanzania 706-236-5094
10 Nonini http://anthropology.unc.edu/people/faculty/dnonini ethnic and race relations, urban political economy, anthropology of the state, critical food studies, Chinese diaspora, Malaysia, United States 919-962-8092
11 Peirano http://kent.academia.edu/Mar%C3%ADaPeirano Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of Cinema, National Identity, Globalisation 447856431786
12 Ran Rubin conflict cities, Palestine/Israel, spatial violence 7738881229
13 Rodman Guatemala, transnational migration, gender and ethnic relations, serve as expert witness for asylum cases 804-869-9624
14 Rodman Guatemala, gender and ethnic relations, immigrants and immigrant communities, transnational migration, ethnic identity, Eastern Guatemala, Ladino 804-869-9624
15 Rotenberg http://las.depaul.edu/ant/People/Faculty/Rotenberg.asp Urban Planning, Urban Gardens, Design, Post-Secondary Education 773 325-7460
16 Totah 804-827-0907
17 Wali http://fm1.fieldmuseum.org/aa/staff_page.cgi?staff=wali urban environment; Chicago; art and agency 312-665-7472
18 Yu http://immersivejourneys.com/ China, Japan, Vietnam, India, consumer culture, urbanization, technology 6507435845