SUNTA Panels and Sessions at the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting

The Society for Urban, National, Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) has sponsored the following panels and sessions at the 2017 American Anthropological Association meeting in Washington, DC:

Wednesday, 12:00 pm
Anthropological Matters and the New Urban Millenium: Theoretical and Methodological Contributions from Fieldwork in Africa

Future Matters: Childhood and Global Citizenship in Times of Uncertainty

Political Crises, Precarity, and Resilience: Social and Economic Resourcefulness Among Refugees, Migrants, and the Displaced

Wednesday, 1:30 pm

A Matter of Expertise: Interrogating the Production and Performance of Expert Knowledge in Postcolonial Cities

Wednesday, 2:15 pm

Beyond Crisis: Rethinking Refugee Lives

Future Cities: When, Where and How?

In-Between States: New Refugee Movements and State Responses

Rethinking Space in Post-Conflict Settings: Traumas, Dilemmas and Strategies

Urban Etnographies of Commoning (Part 1)

Wednesday, 4:30 pm

Migration and Social Class: Ambiguous Class Identities in Translocal Social Fields

Right to the City: Religious Urbanisms and Claims to the Modern City

Urban Ethnographies of Commoning (Part 2)

Thursday, 8:00 am

(Il)liberal Urbanism?

Thursday, 10:15 am

Acting with Things: Materialities, Infrastructures, Urbanisms

Enhanced Non-Citizen Precarity: The Production of Deportability

Matters of Resettlement

Thursday, 12:15 pm

Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) Board Meeting

Thursday, 2:00 pm

On Charitable Trusts and Corporations: Religion, Property, and Mobility from Lebanon to The Philippines

Thursday, 4:15 pm

Fabricating Utopics: Hacking Imaginaries

Thursday, 6:30 pm

Keeping the Gate: Refugee Management as Statemaking in a Post-Sovereign Era

Right and Far-Right Politics and Movements: Ethnography/ic matters

Thursday, 7:45 pm

Society for Urban, National, and Translational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) Business Meeting

Friday, 8:00 am

‘Global North’ and ‘Global South’ Revisited: Putting Core-Periphery Relations in Context

Migrant Resilience in A Hostile Time

The Effects of Recent Changes in National and International Governments and Policies on Refugee Experiences in Host Countries

Friday, 10:15 am

From the refugee crisis to the Muslim ban. Vulnerability and anthropology in precarious and neo-liberal times. A Roundtable

Relationships in transit: Marriage, family, and gender expectations in immigrant experiences

The Political Materiality of Cities

Friday, 2:00 pm

Deserving DREAMers, Do-Gooders, Delinquents, and Drop-Outs: Understanding Immigrant Youth’s Narratives of Self and Citizenship Status in Nativist Times

Friday, 4:15 pm

(Re)claiming Queerness in the City: Representations through Time and Space

Saturday, 8:00 am

Critical anthropologies of the urban

From Believing to Building: Planning for Faith in the Neoliberal City

Saturday, 10:15 am

Homeland(s), Part One: lived experiences, policy, and theory

The Place to Be: Emerging Trends in Urban Anthropology

Saturday, 12:15 pm

Committee on Refugees and Immigrants

Saturday, 2:00 pm

Can we talk about refugees without reproducing the ‘refugee’ category?

Homeland(s), Part Two: Refugees, Immigrants and Ideologies of Place

Migrant Subjects: Solidarities, Values, and Care in Times of Uncertainty

Obscenities in the Anthropocene: Everyday Matters of Violence, Vulnerability and Hope

Urban Bodies, Embodied Cities

Saturday, 4:15 pm

Affective Labor: The Politics and Ethics of Transnational Humanitarian Volunteering

Sunday, 8:00 am

The Social Life of Housing Crisis

Sunday, 10:15 am

Indigenous world enlargement: indigeneity and its travel beyond the local

Policing the Crisis (Part 2)